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15 Oct

LMC at signing of agreement between The London Clinic and SIMC

LMC team were delighted to be in attendance at the historic signing of the agreement between The London Clinic and Shanghai International Medical Centre.  LMC business is becoming more internatio...

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10 Oct

World Mental Health Day

Mental Health problems can effect anyone, at any place or any time, there is no need for people anymore to suffer in silence.  We can help you access some of the very best consultants and treatme...

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15 Aug

NHS GP Appointment waiting times

Average NHS GP waiting times are now at over 2 weeks.  Members of London Medical Concierge are often able to access some of the best doctors in the country within a matter of hours.  Please ...

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09 Jan

The Reality of Cancer – Mark’s Story

In the summer of 2016, Mark Hollands-Martel discovered a lump on his neck. Certain that it was nothing to worry about, but keen to get it removed, Mark visited his local GP for advice. He was told by ...

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21 Dec

What's top of your health and wellbeing resolutions?

At this time of year, the phrase “New year, new me” can be overheard in offices, coffee shops and at school gates across the country, with one in five people in Britain using the start of ...

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23 Nov

River Aesthetics

London medical concierge is delighted to partner with River Aesthetics, an award-winning cosmetic clinic offering bespoke medical aesthetics, anti-aging treatments and cosmetic procedures. River ...

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22 Nov

News Alert!

Helping our clients to get the very best from all aspects of their life is very important to us at London Medical Concierge. Our expertise is in providing you with a personal service to help you manag...

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16 Nov

Change for Alcohol Awareness Week (19-25 November 2018)

It is estimated that the cost of alcohol on society is in excess of £21 billion and harmful drinking is the biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49-year-olds in the ...

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15 Nov

London Medical Concierge signs deal with international banking giant

NEWS FLASH! It’s a great pleasure to announce that London Medical Concierge is working in partnership with Gulf Bank to offer its clients access to our world class concierge service for all aspe...

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15 Nov


London medical concierge is proud to announce a new partnerhsip to concierge all private patients at imperial private healthcare, london. The new concierge service will reach out to patients undergoin...

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05 Oct

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2018: Offering support to friends affected by Postnatal Depression

It is estimated that one in ten women are affected by postnatal depression (PND) within the first year of giving birth1. The real figure is believed to be higher as some women delay seeking treatment ...

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25 Sep

Everything you need to know about medical management

When it comes to keeping healthy, many people focus on lifestyle factors such as eating well and exercising regularly. However, we’re not always so diligent when it comes to medical appointments...

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21 Aug

5 Healthy Back To School Tips For Parents

After a glorious 6 weeks of Summer Holidays - watching back-to-back films, sofa-snacking and day trips, children are in for a big adjustment when they go back to school. Breaking free from the usual r...

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07 Aug

We're Hiring!

London Medical Concierge Ltd (LMC) is an innovative, prestigious medical service launched in 2016. We provide bespoke clinical care and medical management to high net-worth clients, seven days a week....

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03 Aug

Swotting up on your health and wellbeing for the new University term

With one in three teenagers starting University each year, parents will already be starting to worry about how their children will handle the transition. Starting out a university opens up a whole new...

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01 Aug

The truth behind 5 common skin cancer myths

With the longer evenings, warmer weather and summer holidays just around the corner, it is a time to celebrate the season outdoors. And, although our bodies may be getting vitamin D in the sun, it is ...

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27 Jul

We're delighted to announce a new partnership with Grace Belgravia, London's leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women

London Medical Concierge are delighted to announce a partnership with Grace Belgravia, London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women. The Grace Medical Clinic has been leading ...

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13 Apr

Preparing yourself for hip & knee surgery

In England and Wales, there are approximately 160,000 total hip and knee replacement procedures performed each year. Waiting times for patients in need of hip and knee operations on the NHS have soar...

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19 Mar

We're Hiring

London Medical Concierge Ltd (LMC) is an innovative, prestigious medical service launched in 2016. We provide bespoke clinical care and medical management to high net-worth clients, seven days a week....

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06 Mar

What role does work have in overcoming addiction problems?

There’s no doubt that addiction and consequent mental health problems can have a significant impact on all aspect of people’s lives leading to difficulties in relationships, with finances ...

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01 Feb

Love your Heart!

February has long been associated with affairs of the heart, but it’s also a great time to take interest in the physical wellbeing of our hearts!  One of the body’s major organs, the ...

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15 Jan

LMC launches new health screening service to help you make your wellbeing a priority this year

Improving health and wellbeing is at the top of many people’s New Year’s Resolution list. And to support people in their quest to take control of their health in 2018, London Medical Conci...

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05 Jan

Beat the January Blues

The start of a New Year can be a time for self-reflection with many people taking on New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. Looking back on the past year can sometimes turn into the “J...

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13 Dec

London Medical Concierge Supports DecemBeard

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, and someone is diagnosed every 15 minutes. Yet if identified early, more than 90% of cases can be treated successfully. This is why it is i...

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07 Dec

Coping at Christmas

The run-up to the festive season is now well and truly underway. It’s a fun, but undeniably busy and tiring time for many of us – and even more so for the millions of people who are juggli...

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14 Nov

LMC Offers Cancer Patients Pioneering Genetic Testing

One of the strengths of LMC’s network of medical experts is the access it gives us to information on the latest advances in treatments.  In cancer care, one of the most exciting recent deve...

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14 Sep

LMC Raise Money for Action Against Cancer

CEO of London Medical Concierge Ltd and Official Ambassador for Action Against Cancer Kirsty Ettrick, organiser of the 2017 Butterfly Ball in aid of AAC in association with Kimbolton School is picture...

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08 Sep

Go Gold To Support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Each September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (#CCAM) helps highlight the impact of cancer on young people and their family. Every week in the UK, more than 30 children are diagnosed with cancer. 1 ...

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04 Sep

Give your Kids the Healthiest Start to the New Term

The long Summer holidays are a great way for families to re-group and re-charge. Breaking free from the usual routine and the hectic schedule of term time can be physically, psychologically and emotio...

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14 Aug

A Helping Hand for a Friend in Need

When Janet Lowe’s friend was diagnosed with cancer, 7-months into her second pregnancy, she was at a loss for how to help.  And, to add to her concern, Jan’s friend lived on the other...

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14 Jul

Multidisciplinary team is the key to rapid and effective management of patient wounds

Mr Jeremy Crane, Consultant Vascular and Transplant Surgeon and one of London Medical Concierge’s network of clinical experts, explains how to tackle a common but serious problem in older age; w...

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13 Jul

London Medical Concierge Goes International

Following the highly successful launch of London Medical Concierge in the UK, the company has extended the business to introduce a VIP service to assist international visitors with navigating their wa...

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14 Jun

Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Nine women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day, two of whom will sadly die from the disease. Cervical cancer affects all women of all ages but primarily is detected in women between...

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24 May

Is It Safe To Exercise When Going Through Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy can be notoriously difficult, not only emotionally but mentally and physically as well. Being diagnosed with cancer can come as a real blow to patients and their families. However, while ...

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12 May

LMC Patient Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The family of one of our young patients, 38 year-old Sophia Preston-Saunders, have set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund pioneering immunotherapy treatment, which is not available on the NHS &nd...

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08 May

Let's Open Up and Support Mental Health Awareness Week

With the “young Royals” opening up in recent weeks, as part of the Heads Together campaign, mental health problems have been front page news. Whilst huge strides have been made to break do...

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05 May

Avoiding the Pet Allergy Nightmare

We are well-known for being a nation of animal lovers, with estimates showing that 13 million households in the UK have at least one pet. So, it may seem surprising that a recent survey shows 1 in 10 ...

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10 Apr

HEALTH: Call the experts

Fantastic interview in today's You Magazine with our CEO and Founder Kirsty Ettrick and Professor Justin Stebbing!...By Sarah Stacey for The Mail on SundayPUBLISHED: 01:02, 9 April 2017 | UPDATED: 01:...

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04 Apr

The secrets of a couture smile

With the constant flash of the paparazzi and the endless selfies, having a dazzling white smile is essential for Hollywood stars. And it’s a trend that has crossed the Atlantic and having a &ldq...

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31 Mar

Supporting Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK and is diagnosed in around 41,000 people a year. Bowel Cancer UK has made April Bowel Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of...

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22 Mar

Why won't my baby stop crying - could it be colic or reflux?

Professor Mike Thomson, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist and Professor in Paediatric Gastroenterology, at The Portland Hospital is one of London Medical Concierg...

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14 Mar

The woman to steer you through the medical maze: Kirsty Ettrick

AFTER Kirsty Ettrick’s husband Neil was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in June 2014, she experienced first-hand just how complex and baffling it could be to navigate the medical world in t...

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28 Feb

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer, although not one of the most common types of cancer in women, is still diagnosed in over 6,000 people in England each year. The charity Target Ovarian Cancer has made March Ovarian Can...

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22 Feb

What to do when you have a skincare emergency?

Amazingly, skin is actually the largest organ in our body, shielding us from extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. It is our protective covering, our first barrier to figh...

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03 Feb


Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become increasingly used to help people raise money for health expenses and medical costs. Across the UK, over £15.5 million has been raised in GoFundMe...

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31 Jan


London Medical Concierge (LMC) opened its doors for business on Monday 23rd January, with an official launch event in the Pompadour Room at the Hotel Cafe Royal that displayed the company's passion an...

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20 Jan

A Happy and Healthy New year from London Medical Concierge!

With the official launch of London Medical Concierge just around the corner, 2017 looks set to be a thrilling year for the team here. We’re busy behind the scenes building the foundation of the ...

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20 Jan

The Immunotherapy debate rolls on!

Immunotherapy drugs, which harness the power of the body’s immune system, are showing great potential as treatments for several types of cancer.  And with the untimely death of award winnin...

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20 Jan

Talking frankly about cancer

Alongside thousands of listeners, LMC is avidly tuning in to Radio 4’s PM, every Monday, to catch up on Steve Hewlett’s frank and honest account of his current cancer treatment.  Over...

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20 Jan


A good doctor-patient partnership is based on trust and truthful communication, like all healthy relationships! Here is a useful guide to help you to get the most from that partnership.  It will ...

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